While You View Betsy Devos's Confirmation Hearing......Check These Michigan Education Points

By Brian L. Love

Now that the Trump inauguration follies are over. I hope you have been following the new set of follies. The confirmation hearings for President Trump's nominees. So far, the most divisive hearing has been Betsy Devos's Senate committee hearing. 

Bellwether Education Partners has pulled together a report on Michigan's current education climate. Take a look and you decide if these facts effect your thoughts on the Secretary of Education nominee or are they "alternate facts." Bellwether put together some very good information on Michigan's education climate for you to look at and discuss with family and friends as we wonder where education is going in our nation 

Please read and tell us what you think @DSchoolsRock. Or on Facebook at Detroit Schools Rock. Here is the link: http://bellwethereducation.org/publication/Michigan-Education-Policy-Fact-Base

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